I really need to work out a way of getting online into my normal evening schedule. Slot it in between somewhere after doing the dishes because I feel like I’m never getting online to post or to read or to comment. Or even to work on all the fic I’m wanting to write! I’m so used to my normal routine but I like coming online so more than one evening a week would be nice!

I also need to figure out things to talk about. Maybe I’ll find one of those ’30 day memes’ for August or something. I’m sure these things used to be easy but I really have no life and ‘I went to work, I did bank stuff, I came home, I cooked, I did housework, I watched TV and went to bed’ doesn’t exactly make for an interesting blog post, does it? LOL

Ben, the lovely boyfriend, came around this afternoon with a present for me which I’m very excited to play with. He got me a Colouring for Grown-Up Children – Colouring Book Set which he says was a reward for sorting out my paperwork and filing it rather than having it piled up on my kitchen table – that I now have something to use my kitchen table for.
Two colouring books featuring animals, flowers, butterflies and abstract images, and a pack of 36 colouring pencils.


3 thoughts on “Routines

  1. I usually just dedicate the weekend to write my blog post since I usually don’t have time during the week. If you can’t dedicate a time, then do it when you can. I’ve maintained a steady blogging schedule for two and a half years and it actually grew to be really tiring — more so since I’ve started commuting to work and home daily! Hope you work something out, though.


    • I’m starting to think I may have to do something like that – I’m definitely more productive at a weekend. If we ignore the fact that rihgt now it’s 2:30pm, I’m still in my pyjamas and on the couch. Sometimes a girl just need a duvet day!


  2. Aww, I’m almost the exact opposite of you X”D I go online too much, and I think it’d be amazing for both my physical health and my eyes to tone down a little on going online >”< (I'm the one who has no life…)! Maybe it's just me, but I actually don't mind listening to people's daily routines and rants, HAHAHAH.. I think it's just because I'm a nosey person and I'm used to always hearing friends and my families' rants about the small things in life hehe! & I hope that the colouring book isn't just used for some colour and decor on the kitchen table, but also a great way for you to relax and enjoy! :")

    Simplee Nikkie
    I’d love to follow each other! 🙂


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