And she’s back

Easter – and Spring – in general are times of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth, so, what better time than to bring this abandoned blog back to life. Or at least make every effort to do so because I really do want to do this as a hobby. It’s just a case of finding a space in my routine for it. And since it’s a long weekend, I can have a sort through and a clear out and figure out what I’m doing with it, what my intentions and goals are – not just here but all over social media

I’ve also started writing again. Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson, naturally. I just had this mental image in my mind of Daniel excitedly geeking out over something and the Colonel with his chin in his hand, fond expression on his face just… watching him.
And so, attempting to write it.

Once I’m done with the tidying up, I’m going to write a new introduction since I’m sure anyone who’s still here has completely forgotten who I am… stay tuned, folks!


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