Carry a piece of the quiet

One of the questions my boyfriend and I get asked a lot is when we’re going to move in together. People always look utterly confused when we answer that right now we have no plans to – the same goes for having children, getting married etc. We’ve been together almost 7 years and we’re happy together, things are going well so wh would we change anything.

I love Ben to pieces, I really do, but living with him would drive me crazy. He’s always on the go, he’s always busy, he’s never… silent. Sometimes I like to just sit and, as the song goes, enjoy the silence. I like to listen to the sound of nothing. I like to meditate, I like to read in the quiet.

Yes, I like music. Yes, I like watching tv and movies. But I don’t have background sound on for the sake of it. But Ben does. He’s always got something playing. His alarm is the radio and it – or the TV – is on until he leaves the house for work. He has music on in the car. He turns He doesn’t appreciate stillness – and he doesn’t understand that I enjoy it.